Give Your Team A Place To Gather

btty is the communication platform where the team comes to share, connect, and understand. 

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Connect The Entire Team

Research has proven that teams that are socially connected are more productive, engaged, and happier.  We will never advocate replacing face to face communication but technology can connect people that wouldn't normally be connected (especially those without email).

Sharing What Is Important

Your team wants to know what is happening with the people around them. What are they working on, what is happening in their life, and where are the team is going. They want to have a voice and a way to share their perspective.  

You Must Believe...
In People.

Great leaders put people first and work to create a fear-free environment. If you don't believe that people are the most important part of your organization, then we can't help. Sorry. 


Your Platform

Where Teams Gather

Join other leaders that understand the power of giving their team a place to gather, share, & understand.


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