Give Your Team A Place To Gather

Keep your team connected

With BTTY, leaders communicate with their teams and give them a place to be a team...wherever they work.

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BTTY is free for non-profits 😃


The mobile place for teams

Mobile and secure, your team moves to a place where everyone comes together.  At the core is a feed where images, video, and text is posted to share stories. This is supported by a robust messaging system that includes the ability to alert your entire team via SMS, real-time when something is important. 

Connected teams are happier

Research has proven that teams that are socially connected are more productive, engaged, and happier.  Unfortunately, according to Gallop 66% of American workers are disengaged or actively disengaged.  Stories change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. 

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Connect by sharing what's important

Over 56 million of the 157 million people working in the US are millennials and this is changing communication at work.  Your team wants to know what is happening with the people around them. What are they working on, what is happening in their life, and where are the team is going.

People first

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Great leaders put people first and work to create a fear-free environment. If you don't believe that people are the most important part of your organization, then we can't help. Sorry. 

Connect people to each other and increase overall engagement.


Your Platform

Private, For Your Team 


This is your space, for your team. You have a full control over access and what happens to your teams information.


No Email, No Problem

More than 75% of the US workforce doesn't have a work email. Make it easy for everyone on the team to connect. Besides, who likes email anyways. 

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Made For

Sharing through photos, video, and words. A unified feed to get the word out, celebrate, and inspire.


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Move text messages over to a secure platform where you can easily connect with anyone on the team without knowing their mobile number. 

People Doing Great Things


Great organizations have so much that happens that never gets recognized. or shared.

Connect, & Share


Relationships are what make teams special.  Share the most important parts of the day (at work and home) so everyone can understand. 

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"This app has always been great, but now it’s helped keep me connected with coworkers. It’s a fun, interactive way to stay engaged and see what the team is getting up to."

—  Olivia, BTTY User Review (iOS), 05/16/2020