We make things to help people & teams do their best work. 

At the core of our company is our platform (web and mobile) which helps teams share, communicate, and amplify what is important. We have evolved since we acquired our first customer more than six years ago and you can expect we continue to make products that help good people make better.

PS: We pronounce it "Betty" and it stands for better today than yesterday.

Video Updates

Leaders, or any member of the team, taking a minute once a week to give the team a quick video update is powerful. 

  • What happened this week? 

  • What changed? 

  • Recognition to something great or someone great

  • Engage the team with a question

Get The Word Out

Making sure that everyone has the right information is hard. It's hard when everyone has email and it's even harder when the entire team is not 'connected'.  A quick text post to the entire team gets the conversation going. 

Secure Messaging

75% of the US workforce does not have a work email. Managers find themselves communicating via text messages. Team members do the same and the organization is opened up to liability when personal phone numbers are shared. Put everyone on one, secure platform. Each team has an 'ALL'  group for messaging the entire team and users can create individual groups with other users on their team. 

SMS Notify

Sometimes you need to get the word out fast and make sure everyone sees it. Text messages have a 98% open rate. With BTTY you can send a short message to your entire team quickly. Whether you need a shift filled or there is an emergency.