We make things to help people & teams do their best work. 

At the core of our company is our platform (web and mobile) which helps teams share, communicate, and amplify what is important. We have evolved since we acquired our first customer more than six years ago and you can expect we continue to make products that help good people make better.

PS: We pronounce it "Betty" and it stands for better today than yesterday.

Everyone wants to do good work with good people.

We have been fortunate to be a part of large and small teams. We have played many roles on those teams stretching from founding technology firms, running very large companies, to more unconventional things like being part of US Army Special Forces.


Whenever we have have been successful it has been because we were a part of a team that came together, took care of each other, and really cared about what they did.  We built tools to help our teams and today we offer one of those tools, btty, for everyone to use on their teams. We know that when a team is more socially connected they are more engaged, productive, and happier.  

Where Teams Gather

Join other leaders that understand the power of giving their team a place to gather, share, & understand.


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