The Butterfly Effect

The idea is simple. The small actions of a butterfly in one place can cause a great change somewhere else. For example, a butterfly moves the air in South America and the effect, weeks later, is a tornado in the United States.

Although not scientifically proven, we believe that the small actions that occur everyday have major impacts on the team. This manifests either through performance or cultural changes. Let's say that you are a junior manager in a hotel. You are walking through a public area of the hotel and see a piece of paper, clearly trash, on the ground. You are faced with a simple choice. You can either pick it up or not. That small choice, however inconsequential it may seem, could have significant impact on the organization.

Let's pretend you decide to not pick up the paper. Two people see you make this decision. To them it is very clear you decided to ignore that trash. The first is a new team member. The decision not pick up that small piece of paper has communicated to your new teammate what expected behavior is in this culture. In this culture, we don't pick up trash or said another way 'we do not care'.

The other witness is a meeting planner who is here to decide if she will bring 500 guests to your hotel next year during the offseason. This meeting will make sure that hotel is busy during a historically slow period. The meeting planner sees what you do and quickly concludes that the staff of this hotel 'don't care'. This, and several other factors, lead to the meeting planner selecting a competing hotel. Your hotel will now not be busy during a slow period and the team will not get as many hours that week as they could have. Your team, many of who live pay check to pay check, will suffer because of the small decision to not to pickup a piece of paper.

Small Action, Big Impact

We believe that the smallest of actions on a team can have big impacts. Everything we do matters. Our logo is meant to show people coming together and if you look closely you can see that those people form the shape of a butterfly. This is to remind us that the smallest actions, can have the biggest impacts.

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